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My Apologies for Not Posting

I apologize to anyone following my blog and my website for neglecting it these past few months. I hereby resolve to do better in 2020 and onward. To that end, here is my first post of 2020.


I hate New Year's because the news cycle seems to run along the theme of "what was" and what is going to happen instead of real news. This article however, got me thinking about the last time NASA launched astronauts from American soil and that date was 8 July 2011 when space shuttle Atlantis was launched. I think it's great that other countries and private companies are entering space exploration, but it is time for the US to officially re-enter manned space exploration.

The picture above is of Barringer Crater in Arizona. I used it because I like it. It's a panoramic I took this past year. Barringer Crater is a great vacation destination so try it.